We have followed baby led weaning with Wilder. He eats what we eat and very little if any "pureed" style foods. I love being able to just give him what we eat and know he can handle it. There are tons of quick and easy things in the baby food world but very little that is also heathy. Today seems like all baby food comes in pouches and has not only tons of added sugar but is packed full of preservatives and other things I can not even come close to pronouncing.  What baby needs 11 grams of sugar? Baby led weaning solved this problem for us in many ways. On busy days with work thought I was really missing something that was quick, easy AND healthy for him.

One day I stumbled across this company called Little Handfuls Organic. They were local to me so I started doing some research on their products. After reaching out to them and learning more about their products and company I could not wait for Wilder to try them. It was started by Darcy and Dustin Kochis in Portland, Oregon out of the same necessity of what I was looking for with Wilder. Their son Jude was starting on solid foods and they wanted to provide him with wholesome ingredients and a wider variety of foods and flavors from the start. All while avoiding foods that are full of sugar and salt. They found the same problem I had ran into, there really was not anything on the market that fit this at all. They wanted convienience that they could feel good about. So after spending many weeks mixing batches of healthy ingredients, plopping them into muffin tins to bake and freeze for later, their idea soon turned into a full blown business and Little Handfuls Organics was born, 

"Knowing that every hard hour put into Little Handfuls directly benefits our family and our dream. My husband traveled 70% of the time with his previous job and we made a choice to go out on a limb and start our own company. We wanted to be together more and we had an idea that we believed in."  -Darcy Kochis

They currently have three kinds available: Berry Date & Oat, Brown Rice and Spinach, and Butternut Squash & Apple. They all have 100% pronounceable, recognizable and healthy ingredients and taste super good too! I tried them all as well. Wilder loves them, especially the Berry Date & Oat for breakfast. I am super impressed not only with the quality but how easy they are to make. All you have to do is heat them up and you are ready to go. Perfect size for little hands and a great flavors as well. Perfect for baby led weaning and toddlers as well! I will be keeping a stock of these in the freezer from here on out!


You can check them out here to learn more and find out where to pick some up! 

You can also check them out on their website w